Data & Server Cabinets

Qube Data & Server Cabinets are a range of 19inch Floor Standing Enclosures & Wall Boxes. Available on a next day service.

  • Mini Cabinet

    Mini Cabinet (5)

    The Qube Mini Cabinet is perfect for home or small office installations. The Soho Cabinet can be mounted onto a wall, the floor or underneath a desk.
  • Low Profile Wall Box

    Low Profile Wall Box (1)

    The Qube Low Profile Wall Box has been designed for applications where space is limited. 225mm deep, great for space restricting installations.
  • Wall Boxes

    Wall Boxes (15)

    Qube Network Enclosures Wall Boxes are available in 450, 550 & 600mm Depths. 6U-18U High. Available on a next day service.
  • Data Cabinets

    Data Cabinets (2)

    Qube Data Cabinets are a range of 19inch Floor Standing Enclosures & Wall Boxes. Available on a next day delivery. Server Cabinets, Network Cabinets.
  • Server Enclosures

    Server Enclosures (2)

    Qube Server Cabinets are a range of 19inch Floor Standing Enclosures. 27U-47U High options, 600mm Wide x 1000mm Deep, 800mm Wide x 1000mm Deep.
  • Acoustic Range

    Acoustic Range (3)

    Qube Acoustic Data Cabinets have been designed to offer the best sound proof enclosures possible. Using state of the art 34mm thick cladding, comprised of absorbent Class 0 fireproof acoustic foam laminates applied to both sides of a heavy layer sound barrier membrane. Using this level of cladding, allows us to reduce noise by up to 25dB. Combining a high surface mass with flexible physical characteristics, the product offers optimum acoustic performance.
  • Access 100 Rack

    Access 100 Rack (2)

    The Qube Access 100 Cabinet has been designed and engineered to allow the user to access the rear of installed equipment.Qube Access 100 Cabinets are manufactured to the customers desired configuration. The customer has the option of having all usable U space either set to rotate, or a section to have fixed vertical posts (as per a conventional rack) along with a specified number of U space set on rotate on the base.
  • Access 1K Rack

    Access 1K Rack (2)

    The Qube Access 1K Rack allows users to pull the frame out of the Enclosure up to 1000mm. Once extended the frame can be rotated 90° in either direction.
  • inRange

    inRange (3)

    The InRange from Qube Network Enclosures are a range of 19inch Rack which can be installed into false walls and furniture. Designed with a slide out and rotating function, allowing the user to access the rear of installed equipment.
  • Accessories

    Accessories (22)

    Qube Accessories range from Plinths, Fan Units, Shelves, various Cable Management, plus a lot more. Available on a next day delivery.