Pre Terminated 5E/6/6A Cables

The FCS Pre Terminated Cat 5e, Cat6 & Cat 6A Solutions are manufactured using LSZH cable with our Cat 5e, Cat 6 & 10 Gig keystone jacks providing the perfect time saving end to end solution for Data Centres, Comms rooms or typical office environments.

We produce links from 1 metre all the way up to 90 metres in length. Each link is supplied in a bundle of 4 or 6 cables which can be split apart from one another into single or twin runs. These can then be pulled to the required location around site.

Jacks and plugs can be staggered upon request;  this will allow the links to be pulled through copex if required.

 Every link is fully tested using a Level III tester prior to them leaving our facility in Oxfordshire.


 Installing the FCS Pre-term Cabling System couldn’t be easier. - Time on site is reduced by as much as 90% due to each link being manufactured in groups of six easily managed bundles at our facility in Oxfordshire, allowing resources to be deployed on other projects where needed.

Every link is pre-labelled and each jack pre-numbered at either end, so all the Installer has left to do is simply match up the numbered jacks with the patch panel and snap them into place. Jacks and plugs can be staggered upon request, this will allow for the link to be pulled through copex if required.


The FCS Pre-term Cabling System offers one of the quickest and most reliable factory pre-terminated solutions. Each link is pre-terminated, pre-tested & pre-labelled before it leaves our facility in Oxfordshire.

Available in Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a.

Cat 6a - We offer the ideal solution for providing a 10 Gig installation which makes our system perfectly suited for Communication Rooms & Data Centre applications. Future proofing today’s cabling infrastructure is paramount and achievable using our Pre-term Solution.

 Tested to TIA Category 6a standard, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568A.2-10, as well as ISO/IEC Class EA standard. ISO/IEC 11801:2002

Cat 5e & Cat 6 - Ideal for all Office, University or Call Centre applications, our 4 or 6 way links provide a fully tested Gigabit solution to any workstation environment. Whether laying cables to under floor boxes, wall outlets, and desktop pods or through false ceilings, our system offers the best and fastest pre terminated solutions on the market.

 Tested to ISO 11801 & ANSI/TIA/EIA 568A.2-1 standard.



Floor Boxes

With the use of the FCS LJ6C adaptor our keystone jacks simply snap into any floor plate socket allowing for a smooth and simple under floor installation.

Wall Outlet

The 25 x 50 adaptor allows our jacks to be snapped into a standard single or double gang face plate.


Desk Pod

The FCS Desk Pod is available with 4 or 6 way cut outs allowing our keystone jacks to be snapped into position providing up to 6 data outlets directly to the desk.

Desk Pod

The FCS Desk Pod is available with 4 or 6 way cut outs allowing our keystone jacks to be snapped into position providing up to 6 data outlets directly to the desk.


The Unloaded Panel provides the perfect solution for Data Centre applications. The pre-terminated links can easily be run from one cabinet to the next and simply snapped into the unloaded patch panels to create a rapid pre-tested link.




The Panel-to-RJ45 plug solution allows the Installer to provide a direct link to a hub, switch or server situated in the comms room.





Panel-to-Open End

The panel-to-open option is also available. This allows the Installer to pull the link into place and terminate the data outlets on-site.